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This high-speed inkjet process has a few distinctive characteristics. When ink is applied to this photo paper, it is absorbed quickly. Another detail specific to drylab technology is the variable ink dot size. This size is automatically set according to colour intensity, meaning higher definition and finer gradations. The technology itself was developed by Noritsu, the company we already trust with most of our equipment.

Our drylab uses Fuji/Epson Lustre paper. To guarantee good, pure whites, its unique coating also contains optical brightening agents.

Product specifications:

Bright, realistic colours. The ink used in this printer has an improved molecular structure, making it able to withstand light and ozone. According to the manufacturer, prints have a lifespan of more than 100 years. Thanks to our meticulous calibration process, the colours are bright and balanced, and the result comes close to what our Epson printers produce.

High-speed printing. What defines drylab printing isn't just the quality, but also the speed. We first decided to offer this printing option in response to the needs of photography students who are often working with tight deadlines. When twenty students or more arrive at the lab at the same time needing their prints for a class starting in an hour, we can now guarantee quick service: our printer can produce up to 250 8″x10″ prints per hour!

Green technology. Like all inkjet printers, ours doesn’t require any liquid chemistry and produces no toxic waste. Coupled with the fact that it is very energy-efficient, it has a small environmental footprint.



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