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Our inkjet prints are subject to our usual high print quality standards. We aim for superior prints of unmatched quality!

Inkjet printers deposit colour pigment directly on the paper's surface. Our professional EPSON and Canon inkjet printer is equipped with HDR pigment inks, which provide vivid, saturated and realistic colours.

Both our paper and our ink are archival. According to the manufacturer, the lifespan of a photo is over 150 years. No need to worry about how long your photo will last, especially if you follow our storage and display advice.

Provisia's inkjet printers use 9 or 11 colour ink cartridges. In addition to the four main colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, or CMYK), we also use Vivid Magenta (VM) and three types of black ink (LK, PK, MK).

The term "Giclée" is sometimes used instead of "Inkjet", most often describing prints on canvas or textured paper. When you choose inkjet, you can select one of our many Fine Art papers that are not available for silver halide prints, including Presentation Matte paper, Cold-Press paper, and Fine Art Canvas.

Five inkjet paper types are available: Presentation Matte, Cold-Press, Lustre (Satin), Glossy and Canvas.

Our inkjet printers can produce between 6 and 8 large-format prints per hour.

*Please note that inkjet prints are completed within 3 business days

Presentation Matte (Matte 172g) is a pure white inkjet paper with a reflection-free, perfectly smooth texture. Its surface allows for precise detail, deep blacks and saturated …  MORE

Cold-press paper is thicker than "Presentation Matte" paper and its textured surface is similar to watercolor paper. This slow-absorbing paper has a medium-rough surface… MORE

Glossy paper is a pure white inkjet paper with a perfectly smooth surface. It is recommended for images that feature smooth textures. It is perfect when you want saturated colours that pop…  MORE

Canvas is fabric with a cotton base. It was created for high-quality prints of artwork reproductions or photos.Our inkjet canvas is manufactured here in Quebec. It meets our customers’ high standards… MORE

Presentation Matte Fine Art Paper Cold Pressed Fine Art Paper Professional Lustre Photo Paper (Satin) Professional Glossy Giclée Photo Paper Fine Art Canvas



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Lustre paper is robust and easy to handle. It offers realistic colour reproduction and is our most popular paper… MORE